Youlgrave Village Hall

Holywell Lane, Youlgrave, Bakewell, DE45 1UT | Registered Charity: 520538

Youlgrave is a village in the heart of Derbyshire, located in the south of the Peak District three miles from Bakewell. It sits on the hillside just above the River Bradford, near its confluence with the River Lathkill. Youlgrave is one of the largest villages within the Peak District National Park and is a thriving rural community which takes pride in its resourcefulness and rural character.

The village hall was donated to the village in 1933 by Miss Mary Hoyle Melland, a local resident and registered as a charity the same year (Registered Charity 520538). The hall is managed by a Committee of volunteer trustees who are currently:


          Chair person              vacant               

        Phil Smith                 Vice Chair

       Ian Mcaffery              Treasurer

        Mrs Sue Hallam,       Parish Council Rep

          Mrs Sandra Harrop   Secretary  & Bookings

          Mrs Kathryn Rhodes

          Mr Adrian Rhodes

       Sarah Hill

        Mrs Kathyn Tak Tak

        Mike Read            ]

        Ginny Close

          Mrs Judith Taylor       Pantomime & booking Rep

          Glenys Moor              Cinema Club Rep

       Sandra Oldfield

        Pam Walker               WI Rep