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This is a brief summary of the special events on at the hall. Don’t forget to look at the Calendar for information regarding our regular groups, meetings & classes available at the hall.


Snow White Poster-1

Youlgrave Village Hall is back for our 57th season of panto, with a script by David Prior and directed by the young Charlotte Bingham , they have created the popular pantomime Snow White, starting on 31st January 2019.
Rehearsals are well underway to bring this magical tale to life. With characters such as Wally, the not-so-very-funny court jester and the love of his life, Cook (Gwendolyn to her friends), Evelle Rotunda, Snow White’s evil, scheming auntie and Gert and Ada, the village gossips – not to mention a cottage full of dwarfs that can’t count- there’s plenty of fun and laughter planned. Performances, at Youlgrave
This year we have 9 performances including two Saturday matinee performances.
This show will be packed with every ingredient for the perfect traditional family pantomime. Expect larger-than-life characters, loads of laughs, a dose of slapstick, modern music, beautiful costumes, stunning dance moves, and of course…… plenty of heroes to cheer and baddies to boo!
Tickets are available from the 8th Dec at the Village Hall Box office from Mon, Wed 6-8pm Sat 10 -12 noon
Or call 079 26 28 38 38 Tues, Thurs or Fri 10-5pm only

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