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This is a brief summary of the special events on at the hall. Don’t forget to look at the Calendar for information regarding our regular groups, meetings & classes available at the hall.

The Great Austerity Debate at the Youlgreave Village Hall on 18 October at 7.30pm

Great Austerity Debate - image 1

Don’t miss a fantastic Forum Theatre event: The Great Austerity Debate at the Youlgreave Village Hall on 18 October at 7.30pm

Presented and produced by Menagerie Theatre Company, one of the leading new writing theatre companies in the East of England, The Great Austerity Debate follows a week in the life of a young single mother as she juggles the perfect storm of insecure work, low income, debt and ever-decreasing resilience, after 8 years of austerity.

After watching the play, forum theatre’s interactive style allows audience members to explore, through conversation, some different choices for the characters and then see the actors re-perform parts of the play accordingly, ensuring a creative social experience for all present.

The whole evening invites us to imagine different stories to the ones we are presented with, in a playful and engaging manner.

To book tickets, call 01629 828215 or buy online now for just £6

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