What is Pilates?


What is Modern Pilates?

At Village Hall Pilates we practise Modern Pilates which is an updated approach to Pilates exercise, Modern Pilates helps improve how the body looks and performs. It focuses on strengthening the muscles that support the spine and works to maintain or restore natural movement by re-balancing the body.   Regular pilates practice typically leads to a stronger and more agile body with a flatter abdomen. The slow, controlled movements help teach body awareness, good posture and easy graceful movement.

Who is Modern Pilates for?

Everybody! Modern Pilates is recommended if you are suffering back problems, weak abdominals, stress, incontinence and poor posture. It is also ideal for runners, fitness enthusiasts and dancers who will benefit from the increased flexibility and core stability pilates gives you. We run classes for all levels starting with sessions for complete beginners.

Group sessions

We generally run classes in 7-week terms. This gives us the chance to get to know you and any conditions you may have.

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