The Goose is Loose!

In a bid to sabotage this year’s panto, Sir Ferdinand Fox – a very bad fox – has kidnapped EDITV1Priscilla, the golden egg laying Goose, and is holding her captive somewhere in the village.

We’re desperate to get her back in time for the panto, Mother Goose which starts on 28th January, and so we need everyone’s help to find her. Some of the lucky people who help us find Priscilla will win a free Ice Cream when they come to see the show.

Here’s how you can help: Sir Ferdinand has left two clues to where he has hidden her. All you need to do is solve the clues then go to either of the locations that you think Priscilla is being held, and just leave your name and contact details in the competition box to enter the prize draw.

Location 1: Priscilla is having a FEAST in Youlgrave.

Location 2: Priscilla has gone DUTCH in Pommie.

We’re extremely grateful for everybody’s help, so as a reward we’ll be providing five of the lucky people who help us locate Priscilla with two free Ice Cream vouchers each when they come to see the panto. The draw will be on 26th January 2015.

Thanks for your help and good luck!

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