One thought on “Thank You…..

  1. Well yes thank you so much I loved my night out ( ok I do not get to go out often) at your pantomime and yes well what a great group of people you are. Must say I had know/ heard about you all for some years now but never been lucky enough to go to one of your nights until this year thanks to a friend who booked me and a couple of other friends a ticket. So yes fingers crossed I will again be there next year. I also just want to say congratulation to every one that does the costumes as a sewing person I have to say the costume where brilliant and yes to all the young performers they did a brilliant job ( Ok so yes there is hope I have to say that the younger generation will get it right it seems if these young people are any thing to go by.) My family are in Australia and yes my grand children also do this kind of thing each year . So thank you for a Magic night I so loved it and yes the icing on the cake was as I left it was snowing. ???? Ok just a Margaret thing it made my lovely night even more special . So yes well done and finger crossed I will get there next year Thank you Margaret

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