At the present time two pilates teachers are running classes in our Village Hall.

The Wednesday class ( 18:00)  run by Clare Taylor can be contacted through this link https://www.villagehallpilates.co.uk or on 07990 771155

The Mon & Friday classes run by Theresa Hannan
07904 353040  more info  below

Timetable Changes

Attached is an updated timetable including dates when classes will be cancelled due to bank holidays, a week off for myself, and clashes with other events at the venues.

Another Pilates Movement Class will be on offer in Youlgrave on Fridays at 10am!! This is because the Tuesday class has become so popular – I hope to see some of you there.

Additionally my Monday evening class will be stopping (last class is on 18th March).

Have a lovely relaxing weekend
(And do some roll downs, you’ll feel nice!)

PILATES WORKSHOPS – with Peak District Pilates
Theresa is excited to bring you x4 specialist workshops.
Each theme designed to explore your body in a different way.
1) Swiss Ball Pilates – Core strength & Joint Stability
2) Perfecting Movement – How the ageing process impacts our ability to exercise & what we can do to improve movement patterns and maintain fitness.
3) Stretch & Flex – Loosen off tight muscles; a whole body stretch session. Leave feeling relaxed, looser, and taller.
4) Weighted Pilates – Weights for the hands & ankles (0.5-1kg) to improve your upper and lower body strength.
Theresa has a Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates and a specialist qualification in Pilates for Older Adults. She has 18 months experience of group and individual teaching.
Come along with an open mind and I will guide you through the rest!


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