At the present time two pilates teachers are running classes in our Village Hall.

The Wednesday class ( 18:00)  run by Clare Taylor can be contacted through this link https://www.villagehallpilates.co.uk or on 07990 771155


The Mon & Friday classes run by Theresa Hannan
07904 353040  more info  below


‘Pilates Movement’ Tuesdays 10.30-11.30 and Fridays 10.00-11.00
Weekly Classes & Themed workshops running throughout the year, including:
Swiss Ball
Stretch & Flex
Perfecting Movement
Weighted Pilates
& more to come!
Contact Theresa on 07904353040 or visit www.peakdistrictpilates.com

PILATES WORKSHOPS – with Peak District Pilates

Theresa is excited to bring you x4 specialist workshops.
Each theme designed to explore your body in a different way.
1) Swiss Ball Pilates – Core strength & Joint Stability
2) Perfecting Movement – How the ageing process impacts our ability to exercise & what we can do to improve movement patterns and maintain fitness.
3) Stretch & Flex – Loosen off tight muscles; a whole body stretch session. Leave feeling relaxed, looser, and taller.
4) Weighted Pilates – Weights for the hands & ankles (0.5-1kg) to improve your upper and lower body strength.
Theresa has a Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates and a specialist qualification in Pilates for Older Adults. She has 18 months experience of group and individual teaching.
Come along with an open mind and I will guide you through the rest!


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