Revised Pricing from April 2015

We have been looking at how we charge for using the hall. It has been three years since the current prices were set, so a review was well overdue. What we didn’t want to do was just add a bit to cover inflation, though we have had to reflect the significant price rises particularly in the cost of energy, in this review.  But we did want to take the opportunity to look at the overall pricing structure, to try to make it reflect better how the hall is actually used, and at the same time to encourage more usage for activities that benefit the community.

Also, as a Committee we have to be very mindful of the fact that for the last 3 years the hall has run at a deficit. Prices at the hall are subsidised by income we generate from other activities, like the pantomime, but in recent years that has not been enough to balance the books. We need to get to a position where the income we generate covers our costs, allows us to improve the facilities for everyone but also allows us to maintain our reserves for a rainy day (which, as with any building as old as the hall, come around all too often).

But we are not raising prices across the board – some groups will actually see a reduction in the charges they pay. We have also compared our pricing against a number of other, similar village halls in the area and we will still be one of, if not the, lowest priced in the area.

So what will change from 1st April 2015?  We currently offer the hall out in half-day or whole evening sessions. This works for some, but many only require a shorter hire period. So from April, like the vast majority of village halls across the county, we are moving to hourly pricing. This will give people choice – for example, if you want to hire the main hall for your party – no problem, but you will have to pay for all the time you use. However, if you prefer, you can now do all the preparation off-site and just hire the hall for a much shorter time. So, a local person can have a children’s party for 3 hours in the main hall for £21.60 (less than half you would pay at similar sized halls in the area).

Not everything will be cheaper – some activities will be slightly more expensive, some facilities will now be charged for additionally and, for example, we will no longer be offering any discounts for private commercial hire, irrespective of where the hirer resides. However, to encourage usage that benefits the community we will offer discounts to certain groups (or individuals). In a short article like this, it is not possible to explain all the details, but to give you an idea how this will work in practice, here are some more examples:  start a local badminton club in the Main Hall for 2 hours a week – £12; or a craft group in the Social Room for a couple of hours – £7;  or an evening book club in the Committee Room, again for a couple of hours  -  £5; or how about organising a local yoga group for a one hour session in the Social Room for £3.50…..

Pricing Schedule

  • Main Hall                            £12 per hour (minimum hire period 2 hours)
  • Social Room                      £7 per hour
  • Committee Room              £5 per hour

Booked time must include sufficient time to set up and clear away after the booking. Youlgrave Village Hall  does not charge VAT.

Bookings in the Main Hall where there is potential to disturb hirers elsewhere in the building (e.g. private parties, public events) are required to book the Social Room too.


  • Community, club or group activities in the Village Hall that are open to and advertised to the general public may attract a 50% discount on the room hire charges. This would include clubs exercise or similar classes and instruction classes. All these activities may qualify for a discount but must be open to general Public or Community. Members Only activities or events are not eligible.
  • Private events from recognised groups / clubs organised by residents of Youlgrave, Middleton by Youlgrave and Alport may attract a 40% discount on their room hire charges.
  • Rehearsals for a performance at Youlgrave Village Hall may attract a discount of 50% (no other discounts will apply).
  • Booking multiple rooms for an event will qualify for an additional 15% off the total Room hire charges.

Additional Fees

  • Hire of Social Room storage cupboard: £48 / year
  • Use of Stage Lighting / PA facilities: £25 if trained, £45 with support. Bond £100
  • Use of Kitchen / Crockery / Glass Ware / Cutlery for an event: £10. No charge is made for the kitchen when used for preparing solely teas & coffees or soft drinks.
  • Use of table linen & tea towels: £10
  • Good Usage Bond: Bond for parties and other high risk events, £100
  • Wekenders:  £5 per day and £9 per night. Minimum spend of £120 per 24 hour period of use



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