Mother Goose: Tickets On Sale Now


Imagine what you could do with a magical goose who lays priceless golden eggs? Discover what becomes of Mother Goose when she is given Princess Priscilla, a magic goose with a golden talent. Perhaps having everything she ever wanted isn’t all it’s CRACKED up to be!

This show will be packed with every ingredient for the perfect traditional family pantomime. Expect larger-than-life characters, loads of laughs, beautiful costumes, stunning dance moves, live music and of course… plenty of heroes to cheer and baddies to boo!

  • Call: 01629 828 215, 10am – 8pm every day
  • Visit: Youlgrave Village Hall on Monday & Thursdays 4 – 7pm and Saturdays 10am – 1pm
  • Buy On-line: You can buy on-line and pay with PayPal or a credit card at no extra charge.

Find out more about our 2015 pantomime eggstravaganza & buy tickets now

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