Gardeners and Allotments Forum

GAF poster 20.2-page-001Saturday 20th February 9am-12.30pm, Youlgrave Village Hall Community Room, Entry is free.

A time for sharing as the gardening year begins.

Seed Swap. We are not allowed to sell our seed (EU regulations), but we can swap it, so bring along your carefully labelled surplus to share. Also gardening magazines, books, ideas . . . and any other useful bits and pieces to give away or loan.

The Youlgrave Beekeeping Group will be represented. Find out how you can sample this absorbing past-time over the summer on an informal basis.

Find out about the well-established top allotment Community Orchard and Fruit Garden Would you would like to be a part of caring for this garden and sharing in the crops in future?

There will be a Notice Board for everyone to use to display coming events, questions and offers. Other ideas welcome – contact Jeni Edwards on 636550.

At present it is planned to have four Saturdays this year to share garden wisdom and later to sell seedlings and produce. This is a new venture to replace the popular garden stall from the Village Market. Please let me know if you would like to be involved : by serving coffee, by looking after the seed swap etc.

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