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Reader comments are an important and popular part of, and we welcome them from all our readers. In order to be published, comments must comply with the following three requirements:

  1. When commenting, the display name which you provide should consist of your first name and surname, one of which can be represented by an initial.
    • Examples of acceptable user names: John Smith, J Smith, John S.
    • Examples of unacceptable user names: John, Mr Smith, JS.

We do not allow comments which are left anonymously, or which use pseudonyms, nicknames or false names, or which attempt to impersonate the identities of others.

  1. Comments are not allowed on this site which could reasonably be construed as being personally insulting, defamatory, offensive, hurtful, potentially libellous, obscene, or liable to compromise the privacy of others.
  1.  A valid, working e-mail address must also be provided. This will not be published, and it will not be revealed to anyone outside the blog team.

All submitted comments will be held for moderation, and will only appear once they have been approved by the blog team.

If a comment is deemed to be in breach of our policy, it will not be published. Any decision to withhold publication will be entirely at the discretion of the blog team.

Moderation will take place as soon as possible. However, if your comment has not appeared within three days and you still wish it to appear, please review it and re-submit it with reference to our policy. All unpublished comments held for moderation will be deleted after seven days. For legal reasons, we are unable to edit comments on our readers’ behalf.

If you feel that a comment left on this site is in breach of any aspect of our policy, please e-mail the blog team at

Disclaimer: Comments left on this site are the personal opinions of the comment writers only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the blog team.

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