Cat’s Whispers!

gusIn the wake of another memorable Youlgrave Pantomime this Winter, where a host of new young performers taking to the stage generated a wave of excitement in the village, rumours abound of a ‘theatre club’ where young and old could get a theatrical fix in the Spring, Summer and Autumn too!

If you’ve feel a burning desire to dress up, slap on some make up and tread the boards – move aside ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – a ‘Youlgrave Theatre Club’ will need you! Initially presenting workshops and play-readings in the village hall to reveal the craftsmanship that takes place on the stage and behind the curtain, the ‘club’ is looking stage a performance of . . . well, watch this space!

So for a chance to find out what it feels like to put a show together; to hold an audience in the palm of your hand; to learn how make-up transformed our Panto actors into foxes and fairies; to take a peak into the sumptuous Village Hall collection of costumes and how they are made; or simply to learn how the magic of lighting can transform an audience’s emotions at the flick of a switch, we’d like you to hear from you . . . it promises to be great fun! And who knows, you too could become the star of a show (and the village)!

So let us know if you are interested by phone (01629 812276), email ( or through the Village Hall website in order that plans can be put into action, so that our enthusiasm can become yours!

Gus: The Theatre Cat

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