A Feast of Comedy @ YVH

Meat&PuddingHigh Tor Players are on tour and will be at the Youlgrave Village Hall on Thursday 25th September at 8.00 pm. The evening will consist of 2 one act comedies:

In ‘Meat and Two Veg’ Margaret and Arthur, a retired couple, are preparing dinner for their neighbour, Albert, whose wife, Enid, left him abruptly two months ago. This light-hearted comedy takes a darker turn when Arthur, aware that Albert has an eye for Margaret, suggests their neighbour’s smelly bonfires could indicate Albert has done away with Enid …

And in ‘What’s for Pudding’ Mary and Jack’s dull Saturday evening is interrupted by the arrival of Maureen, Ted and Dennis. The occasion rapidly dissolves into a drunken gathering as Ted’s intellect is likened to that of a paper clip, Maureen, his wife, reveals a liking for Jack, and Jack rapidly cultivates a taste for pouring whisky over his head.

Tickets available from Susan Devaney on 01629 733407 or martindevaney055@btinternet.com or on the door.

…. Oh  and look out for some familiar faces on stage such as Martin Devaney – recently in the panto and Simon Brister – formerly of Middleton and less recently in the panto!


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